Israel to Apple: Take down Third Intifada app

HAARETZ 2010-06-20
Computer giant Apple has authorized an application called "The Third Palestinian Intifada," which updates users on upcoming protests, features articles critical of Israel and pictures of martyrs, Army Radio reported Tuesday. Yuli Edelstein, Minister of Public Affairs and the Diaspora, who recently successfully lobbied to remove a Facebook page of the same name, sent a letter to Apple founder Steve Jobs demanding the application be removed. "From browsing through the articles, stories and photographs that appear in the app, it is clear that this is an anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist application that in fact, as its name suggests, calls for an uprising against Israel," Edelstein wrote. Edelstein went on to describe the Facebook page that he said was created by the same group behind the new application. "The Facebook page called for an uprising against Israel through a violent struggle, and included severe incitement." Facebook confirmed last March it removed the "Third Intifada" page. The company's European and Middle Eastern policy director wrote Edelstein that it was Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg who asked him to take down the page.